Compostela, Mexico

Compostela, a most beautiful nurturing city located in the State of Nayarit, high in the luscious coastal mountains of central Mexico within their welcoming plateau, and their brilliant field of stars, to which we are privileged to be welcomed friends of service. We have been assisting to provide supportive Audiological and Hearing Instrument services for many years. A true delight to be with; work with our friends and who we gratefully and most sincerely consider our loving family.

Please see the accompanying photos and associated links to learn more and enjoy this beautiful city, its beautiful, warm, dedicated citizens as they work diligently to make their Community the best it and they can be every day. We should all aspire to family and community as they do.

They well understand and enthusiastically live daily the universal spiritual truth that we all rise and fall on the same human wave. We are proud to be a part of their community. We thank them deeply and whole heartedly for allowing us to be part of them. They have made myself, our office and our families better for the labour and their love. Thank you Compostela and our family of loving friends!