We repair and service ALL makes and models of hearing instruments quickly at a reasonable cost; and, if needed and available, we can provide you a loaner hearing instrument to use until yours returns.


Hearing Aid Manufacturer In-Warranty Repair Service

If your hearing instrument requires servicing while it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will take care of the necessary paperwork and shipping, and, if available, give you a loaner hearing instrument to use in the meantime.


Hearing Aid Out-of-Warranty Repair Service

Generally most repairs to your hearing instruments can be done “In-House” at no charge, even if your hearing instrument(s) is out-of-warranty.

However, if it is necessary to send the hearing instrument back to the manufacturer, we will first review your options with you in order to best repair and maximize the follow-up manufacturer warranty following such repairs, while minimizing your repair expense.

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